Novem-barre Workout Plan

Novem-barre Workout Plan

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Let’s raise the barre on your commitment to working out this month! With the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to stick to a workout schedule so you can stay long, lean and strong as you navigate the holiday treats and virtual parties. It’s all about balance!

Each week we’ll line up five barre workouts for you to check off your list, including brand new weekly content mixed in with some of the most popular barre workouts on Exhale On Demand.

This plan is formatted by day rather than date so you can choose which days of the week work best for your schedule — can you carve out the time to step up to the the barre all 5 times in a week?

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Novem-barre Workout Plan
  • Barre with Antonella James

    Episode 1

    Antonella serves up a full-body barre workout…with a little extra emphasis on the lower body! Get ready to sweat, pulse and feel the burn.

    Props Needed: Light weights, playground ball, resistance band, resistance loop, barre (and or chair/counter/wall for balance), yoga block (optional)