Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

6 Seasons

This step by step program will show you the ropes and keep you encouraged as you get started with us. Complete these videos each week on the days that work for you. View the weekly guides and track your progress as you follow this plan.

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Beginner's Guide
  • Beginner's Guide: Week 3 Plan

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  • Wake Up Your Core

    Episode 1

    A five minute wake up call for your core! Perfect for when you need a quick boost or an add-on to your longer workout.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Bobby Candelas

  • Chill Yoga

    Episode 2

    Gentle stretches to help chill the mind and the body. Remember, sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go and see what happens.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp

  • Towel Yoga

    Episode 3

    Balance, strengthen and open up your body with the help of a hand towel. This workout is both great as a start or finisher to your day.

    Props Needed: Towel, Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Bobby Candelas

  • Power + Restore

    Episode 4

    A sweaty flowing yoga practice that ends in a restorative stretch for the ultimate balance between mind and body.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks (Optional)
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp

  • Upper Body Strength

    Episode 5

    A great upper body and core strengthener that utilizes light dumbbells and your own body weight to tone your abs, arms, back and shoulders.

    Props Needed: Light Weights
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp

  • Booty Lift

    Episode 6

    Grab a chair and get toned like a ballet dancer! This workout will leave your thighs shaking and your butt lifted.

    Props Needed: Chair
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp

  • Abs and Release

    Episode 7

    Beginning with a focus on abdominals and ending with a muscle releasing stretch, this workout provides the perfect balance between toning and releasing your core.

    Props Needed: Playground Ball
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Meditation: Body Calm

    Episode 8

    Bring awareness into the body to physically relax and bring mental focus to an intention of your choice that will serve you. Heal, nourish and feel at ease.