Watch this video and more on Exhale On Demand

Watch this video and more on Exhale On Demand

In-studio: HIIT30 with Sarah Ambrose, 8.15.19


Up Next in Week 3 • Boost and Lengthen

  • Abs and Release

    Beginning with a focus on abdominals and ending with a muscle releasing stretch, this workout provides the perfect balance between toning and releasing your core.

    Props Needed: Playground Ball
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Floor Barre

    You don’t need a barre to get the best of a barre workout. Use your own bodyweight and classic barre props to work your full body for the results you’re after.

    Props Needed: Yoga Block, Yoga Strap, Light Weights
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Upper Body Cut

    Grab a band to define your arm muscles through constant resistance. You’ll love how your arms look!

    Props Needed: Resistance Band
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler