Watch this video and more on Exhale On Demand

Watch this video and more on Exhale On Demand

In-studio: Thigh Glutes and Abs Blast with Sarah Ambrose, 9.26.19


Up Next in Week 2 • Sculpt and Lift

  • In-studio: 10-minute Ab Blast with Br...

    Brianna uses a variety of props to give you the ULTIMATE ab burn in this quick, but insanely efficient, ab workout.

    Props Needed: Playground Ball, Weights, Gliders, Resistance Band
    Teacher: Brianna Norton

  • Chiseled Abs and Butt

    No ifs or ands, just abs and butts. Waste no time targeting the areas you want to improve the most.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Playground Ball, Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Julie Wiesman

  • HIIT25 to the 80s

    We’ve taken the best of our HIIT class, removed all the props – and added some 80’s music flare! Get ready to alternate through bursts of full body exercises that will have you begging for a break!

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Sarah Ambrose