Weekly Power-up Challenge

Weekly Power-up Challenge

5 Seasons

Follow along as we crush our May fitness goals...week by week.

• Take the Exhale On Demand classes outlined in the calendar below
• Pay attention to how you’re feeling during and after each workout
• After each week, answer the brief questions provided below and enjoy a clever weekly tip!
• At the end of the month, submit your results via Instagram DM or email them to [email protected]

One lucky winner will exclusively receive a private Zoom class with one of our lead teachers!
Nicole Uribarri • Bergen Wheeler • Fred DeVito


An opportunity to help curate your ideal On Demand class that we’ll film…and name after you!

Psstt...to keep things fired up, we gave each week a theme!

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Weekly Power-up Challenge
  • May Power-up Challenge: Guide

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    Download this guide to follow along!

  • In-studio: Arms and Abs Blast with Fred DeVito, 11.19.19

    Episode 1

    This workout is packed with moves utilizing weights, a resistance band and your own body weight to tone your arms and strengthen your core.

    Props Needed: Weights, Resistance Band
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • HIIT30 (No Props Needed!)

    Episode 2

    Get ready for 30 minutes of non-stop movement. Tone and strengthen as you sweat with scalable, full-body exercises proven to bring your fitness to a maximum.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Kate Havlicek

  • In-studio: Cardio with Rachael Leitson, 8.15.19

    Episode 3

    We’ve redefined Cardio training. Our non-stop workouts will keep your mind engaged — and give you real results. Toning and endurance cardio intervals will make you break a sweat, and weighted moves will tone and strengthen. You’ll finish your workout with an endorphin-high and a healthier body.


  • Intermediate Cardio Box

    Episode 4

    Planks, kicks, punches and cardio will build your skills and your strength!

    Props Needed: Light Weights
    Teacher: Thalia Bardell

  • MMA Blast
    Episode 5

    MMA Blast

    Episode 5

    Need a good cardio burn? This MMA inspired workout will leave you dripping and feeling the results after only 20 minutes!

    Props Needed: Light Weights
    Teacher: Nicole Uribarri

  • In-studio: Thigh Glutes and Abs Blast with Sarah Ambrose, 9.26.19

    Episode 6

    Have a little extra time? Tack this killer section of Sarah's class on to the end of your workout to really feel the burn. After the muscle burning blast, you'll finish with a calming stretch.

    Props Needed: Barre (or Chair/Counter/Wall)
    Teacher: Sarah Ambrose

  • In-studio: 10-minute Ab Blast with Brianna Norton, 6.4.19

    Episode 7

    Brianna uses a variety of props to give you the ULTIMATE ab burn in this quick, but insanely efficient, ab workout.

    Props Needed: Playground Ball, Weights, Gliders, Resistance Band
    Teacher: Brianna Norton

  • Chiseled Abs and Butt

    Episode 8

    No ifs or ands, just abs and butts. Waste no time targeting the areas you want to improve the most.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Playground Ball, Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Julie Wiesman

  • HIIT25 to the 80s

    Episode 9

    We’ve taken the best of our HIIT class, removed all the props – and added some 80’s music flare! Get ready to alternate through bursts of full body exercises that will have you begging for a break!

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Sarah Ambrose

  • In-studio: Power Yoga with Erin Jacques, 2.21.19

    Episode 10

    Strike a Power pose. This is flowing, athletic yoga — with a dash of energy and personal discovery. Build strength and tone your whole body as you move to upbeat tracks. Along with a few deep breaths, you’re in for a sweat-inducing, mood-boosting hour. You’ll leave feeling powerful, strong, and r...