Week of Wellbeing

Week of Wellbeing

7 Seasons

Change your mind and your body with this intense 7-day challenge that incorporates multiple fitness disciplines and a centering meditation each day.

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Week of Wellbeing
  • Mindful Intervals

    Episode 1

    Your body, your mind, your wellbeing. Use your bodyweight as you flow through this workout with a mindful element to keep you in check.

    Props: Yoga Block
    Teacher: Tracee Badway

  • 15-minute Ab Burner

    Episode 2

    Isometric holds will raise your metabolic rate and torch your abs in this 15-minute workout.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Tracee Badway

  • Meditation: Gratitude

    Episode 3

    Finding gratitude in an ever changing life is more than appreciating what you have—it’s about delighting in the opportunity to share it with others.

    Teacher: Fred DeVito