Wedding Boot Camp

Wedding Boot Camp

36 Seasons

The countdown is on! Six weeks of this wedding boot camp will have you toned and ready for your big day. To get seriously ready, you've got 6 workouts per week with one rest day. Fit them all in during your week according to your schedule. Miss a day? Double up the next. You've got this!

To keep your body guessing (and changing!) each week will include every type of workout — barre, cardio, yoga and HIIT. You’ll get stronger, leaner, longer and healthier!

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Wedding Boot Camp
  • Barre Legs and Abs with Sarah Ambrose

    Episode 1

    Carve and shape from back to front! This ultra-focused Barre workout will tone your thighs, glutes and abs in under 25 minutes.

    Props Needed: Barre (and/or chair/counter/wall for balance), playground ball
    Teacher: Sarah Ambrose