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Triple Threat with Bergen

Triple Threat with Bergen

She's back with a vengeance! Join Bergen for 3 days of nonstop action. We kick the series off with a full-on Band Barre workout, with what she calls a Chef's Kiss at the barre.

On Day 2 we take things up a notch (or two) with a HIIT class like none you've ever done before. She's got her trusty timer for this one so look out!

And we bring the series home with her specialty with what she does best, a nonstop Cardio cardio workout that will leave you dripping (and smiling) till the very last YES!

Triple Threat with Bergen
  • Day 1 Triple Threat: Band Barre

    Welcome to Day 1 of Triple Threat with Bergen Wheeler! Grab a resistance band for a powerful Band Barre toning workout. From arm, to legs, to butt and abs—you’ll be amazed at all the ways you can get stronger with a band! The answer is YES!

    Props Needed: Barre (and/or Chair/Counter/Wall), Resist...

  • Day 2 Triple Threat: HIIT

    Day 2 of Triple Threat. Bergen's back with another exhilarating, high-intensity interval training class. 20 minutes of non-stop movement will tone and strengthen as you sweat with scalable, full-body exercises proven to bring your fitness to a maximum. The answer is YES!

    Props Needed: Light weig...

  • Day 3 Triple Threat: Cardio

    Day 3 of Triple Threat! Who’s ready for another bodyweight cardio blast? Cycle through quick tabata segments, designed to fire up your metabolism and get your heart rate up. The answer is YES!

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler