Summer Prep Workout Plan

Summer Prep Workout Plan

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Join in on our Summer Prep Workout Plan for June! Curated by our fitness experts, these weekly plans will give you a mix of brand new workouts along with some fan-favorite content from our library. We’ll be switching up the vibes every week to keep your body guessing and your muscles transforming. Sweat now…sizzle later!

Watch for a new plan to be released every Friday. They are formatted by day so you can choose which days of the week work best for your schedule — the goal is to complete all five workouts in a 7 day week.

We want to see how you’re rocking this plan! Share your progress on instagram @exhalespa using the hashtag #ExhaleStrongForSummer for a chance to be featured!

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Summer Prep Workout Plan
  • HIIT Circuit at Your Pace

    Episode 1

    Your pace. Your timing. Your style. Six exercises done on repeat will test your limits and your cardio ability. How many rounds can you make it through?

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler