Short On Time

Short On Time

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Even though our gatherings might be virtual this year, and our holiday shopping might be online, it’s still the most wonderful (and busy) time of the year! That’s why we’re bringing you a series of quick, efficient and effective workouts for December.

Each week we’ll line up five workouts that are between 15 and 30 minutes long for when you need to squeeze in a speedy sweat session, including a slew of brand new weekly content!

This plan is formatted by day rather than date so you can choose which days of the week work best for your schedule. But don’t stress! If you can’t fit them all in, you’ll still be on our “nice” list this season.

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Short On Time
  • Bodyweight Barre with Kate Havlicek

    Episode 1

    It's just you and the barre, no other props needed! This full body workout uses your own bodyweight for resistance—giving you strong, long, and lean results!

    Teacher: Kate Havlicek
    Props Needed: Barre (and or chair/counter/wall for balance)

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