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Sandy Abrams

Sandy Abrams

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Sandy Abrams
  • Breathwork Series: Let Go of Negative Energy

    Introducing your mind/body reset button! Sandy teaches you how to use “Lion's Breath” to immediately release negative or stagnant energy. Everybody over the age of 3 should know and love “Lion’s Breath!”

  • Breathwork Series: Relaxed and Calm in Minutes

    Bring on the Relaxation! Sandy shows you a specific way to breathe that taps into your parasympathetic nervous system (AKA the rest and digest system) so you feel calm and grounded in a matter of minutes.

  • Breathwork Series: Intro to Breathwork

    Most people breathe only in a default shallow/autopilot mode which can cause low grade chronic stress. Breathwork is the catalyst for creating your best mindset and energy... in small moments. It’s science! Take back control of your attention and mindset!

  • Breathwork Series: Espress'Om Boost of Energy

    Energy comes in the form of breathwork! Save that afternoon espresso budget and breathe your way into a boost of natural adrenaline.

  • Breathwork Series: Alternate Nostril for Balance and Focus

    Believe it or not, your nostrils play a role in how you feel! Alternating breath into the left and right nostrils balances the left (analytical/logical) and right (creative) sides of the brain. Find your equanimity!

  • Breathwork Series: Cultivating Positivity

    Thoughts matter, so breathe into positive thoughts that get you closer to your goals! Three deep breaths is game changing on its own, but when paired with an optimistic and empowering thought you can tell your body how you want to feel. Breathe and believe!

  • Breathe Your Goals to Life

    Don’t underestimate the power of breath in helping you reach your goals for 2021. Sandy will help you breathe into an empowering mindset — aligning your mind and body so that you can move from thought into strategic action. You’ll feel relaxed, focused and confident in the ability to reach your g...