Newest Videos

  • Flow and Let Go with Liz Wexler

    Flow through a yoga practice with Liz that will challenge your body through strengthening poses and balances. You’ll close your practice with a calming meditation in savasana that will ease your mind, leaving you incredibly relaxed.

    Props Needed: Yoga mat, yoga blocks (optional)
    Teacher: Liz Wex...

  • HIIT20 with Leah Hassett

    A full body, high-intensity workout with rotating intervals for a fast sweat. Perfect if you need a quick workout, or if you’re looking to add a sweaty boost to your On Demand Barre or Yoga class.

    Props Needed: Light and heavy set of weights
    Teacher: Leah Hassett

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  • HIIT+Barre with Kate Havlicek

    First, 20 minutes of HIIT intervals will tone and strengthen as you sweat with scalable, full-body exercises proven to bring your fitness to a maximum. Then we’ll head to the barre for 25 minutes of thigh, glute and ab-defining micro-moves.

    Props Needed: Heavy and light set of weights, barre (a...

  • Deep Stretch Zen with Vidya Mardi Sykes

    Release your muscles as you quiet your mind during this incredibly relaxing deep stretch session.

    Props Needed: Yoga blocks (or large books), stretch belt (or towel)
    Teacher: Vidya Mardi Sykes

  • Heart-Opening Power Flow with Elyse Niederee

    Open your heart in this peaceful yet powerful practice that builds as you flow through it. With plenty of chest and shoulder stretches, you’ll leave feeling energized, open and centered.

    Props Needed: Yoga mat, yoga blocks (optional)
    Teacher: Elyse Niederee

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  • Barre Express with Leah Hassett

    Leah serves up a super-efficient 40-minute full-body barre workout. Perfect for when you’re short on time but want a complete barre experience!

    Props Needed: Light weights, playground ball (optional) barre (or chair/counter/wall for balance)
    Teacher: Leah Hassett

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