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Yoga in 35-45 Minutes

Yoga in 35-45 Minutes

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Yoga in 35-45 Minutes
  • Power Flow Advanced

    Push the limits of your practice and find your edge. Get lost in increasing your strength and flexibility in these 40 minutes of fast-paced yoga.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Kevin Murnane

  • Yoga 101 with Nicole Uribarri

    This introduction to yoga is for anyone who has been wanting to get started, but isn’t sure where to begin. Nicole breaks down 12 of the most common yoga poses and teaches you how to get into them properly. After this class you’ll have the confidence and understanding you need to dive into our ot...

  • Power Yoga with Blocks with Kevin Murnane

    Kevin returns to Exhale On Demand with a flowing Power Yoga class set to upbeat tracks. You’re in for a sweat-inducing hour with balances, twists and stretches.

    Props Needed: Yoga mat, yoga blocks (optional)
    Teacher: Kevin Murnane

  • Flow Yoga with Claudia Jasper

    Claudia returns to Exhale On Demand with a flowing yoga practice with twists, balances and challenging yoga poses you can work up to!

    Props Needed: Yoga mat (yoga blocks optional)
    Teacher: Claudia Jasper

  • Zen, Flow, Chill with Vidya Mardi Sykes

    Light a candle to set the mood before you dive in deep. This supportive practice is slow-flow yoga featuring detoxifying twists and mindful balances. You’ll end with extremely relaxing chill yoga poses that will leave you in a state of blissful calm.

    Props Needed: Yoga blocks (or large books), t...

  • Heart-Opening Power Flow with Elyse Niederee

    Open your heart in this peaceful yet powerful practice that builds as you flow through it. With plenty of chest and shoulder stretches, you’ll leave feeling energized, open and centered.

    Props Needed: Yoga mat, yoga blocks (optional)
    Teacher: Elyse Niederee

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