National Yoga Month

National Yoga Month

25 Seasons

September is National yoga Month, so we’re bringing you a weekly practice all month long to improve your moves on the mat. Each week we’ll select videos to help your practice gradually progress — including both new content and fan-favorites from our platform.

If you’ve never done yoga, be sure to dive in first with our brand new Yoga 101 to get acquainted some of the most common poses and how to do them. Even if you’re a regular yogi, it can be great to take a step back to the basics to ensure your alignment is the best it can be.

This plan is formatted by day rather than date so you can choose which days of the week work best for your schedule — the goal is to complete all five videos in a 7 day week.

Share your progress on Instagram by tagging @exhalespa for a chance to be featured!

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National Yoga Month
  • 30-minute Power Yoga with Claudia Jasper

    Episode 1

    Sweat with Claudia in a 30-minute Power Yoga practice that will get you centered while you build strength, lengthen your muscles, and tone your whole body.

    Props Needed: Yoga mat (yoga blocks optional)
    Teacher: Claudia Jasper