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March: Evolve 14 Day Challenge

March: Evolve 14 Day Challenge

Welcome to our March On Demand challenge! The Evolve 14 Day Challenge starts Wednesday, March 1st. Experience 10 carefully curated workouts, programmed over 14 days that will challenge you and leave you feeling your best. Coming 3.1.2023

The virtual challenge can be done anywhere and includes a mix of Barre, Barre(less), Cardio & Yoga classes, complete with a calendar to follow and keep you accountable.

March: Evolve 14 Day Challenge
  • Day 1: Barre So Hard with Bergen

    Day 1! Bergen kicks the 14 Day Challenge off with our MOST popular On Demand class of all time! Inspired by our signature Barre class, do this total body workout to sculpt the arms, lean the legs, chisel the abs and lift the butt.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Chair
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Day 2: Cardio Blast with Sarah

    Day 2! This non-stop workout will keep your mind engaged and give you real results. It’s toning and endurance using the ultimate combination: cardio intervals to break a sweat and kick-boxing moves to tone and strengthen.

    Props Needed: Light set of weights
    Teacher: Sarah Ambrose

  • Day 3: HIIT + Barre with Kate

    Day 3! First, 20 minutes of HIIT intervals will tone and strengthen as you sweat with scalable, full-body exercises proven to bring your fitness to a maximum. Then we’ll head to the barre for 25 minutes of thigh, glute and ab-defining micro-moves.

    Props Needed: Heavy and light set of weights, b...

  • Day 4: Power Yoga with Nicole

    Day 4! This is flowing, athletic yoga to build strength and tone your whole body. Along with a few deep breaths, you’re in for a sweat-inducing, mood-boosting practice.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Nicole Uribarri

  • Day 5: Barre Burn with Bergen

    Day 5! This fast-paced, 30-minute workout puts the burn in barre. You’ll leave no muscle untouched, so be ready to move!

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Resistance Loop, Barre (or Chair/Counter/Wall)
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Day 6: Barre(less) with Kate

    Day 6! No barre (or props!) needed for this barre(less) workout — but that doesn’t make it any easier! Kate will lead you through body-toning barre moves that you can do anywhere, anytime!

    Props: None!
    Teacher: Kate Havlicek

  • Day 7: HIIT Yoga with Bobby

    Day 7! This 30-minute HIIT style yoga class will elevate your heart rate with cardio intervals mixed with a vinyasa sequence to leave you sweaty, stronger and more balanced.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Bobby Candelas

  • Day 8: Barre with Sarah

    Day 8! The tiny tool that packs a powerful punch! Sarah takes a classic Barre workout to the next level by incorporating a resistance loop into each and every portion of class!

    Props Needed: Resistance loop, barre (and or chair/counter/wall for balance)
    Teacher: Sarah Ambrose

  • Day 9: Abs & Glutes with Antonella

    Day 9! Antonella serves up a full-body barre workout…with a little extra emphasis on the lower body! Get ready to sweat, pulse and feel the burn.

    Props Needed: Light weights, playground ball, resistance band, resistance loop, barre (and or chair/counter/wall for balance), yoga block (optional)

  • Day 10: HIIT Evolve with Bergen

    Day 10! We wrap the challenge up with one final kick in the butt by Bergen. Are you ready to evolve? The quickest way to change your metabolism and up your fitness game is high intensity interval training. This workout will test your strength and endurance for amazing results.

    Props Needed: Hand...