Live From Their Living Room

Live From Their Living Room

From their living room to yours—our star teachers and Exhale experts are filming Exhale-quality workouts and wellness tutorials from their homes until we can get back into the studio.

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Live From Their Living Room
  • Legs and Abs with Fred DeVito

    Live from his living room, Fred takes you through a thigh-toning, ab-sculpting workout you can do anywhere!

    Props Needed: Barre (or chair/counter etc. for balance)
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Upper Body and Glutes with Fred DeVito

    Strengthen and tone your arms, back and butt with this at-home friendly workout with Fred.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Stretch Belt
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Restorative Stretch Session 2 with Fred DeVito

    Back by popular demand! Join Exhale Co-Founder, Fred DeVito, for a Restorative Stretch Session where he’ll lead you through 15 minutes of deep stretches using mindful breathing and therapeutic postures.

    Props Needed: Stretch belt and pillows for support (optional)
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Restorative Stretch Session

    Join Exhale Co-Founder, Fred DeVito, for a Restorative Stretch Session where he’ll lead you through 30 minutes of deep stretches using mindful breathing and therapeutic postures.

  • Breaking Down the Barre with Fred DeVito

    Founder and Fitness Innovator, Fred DeVito, will break down the three most popular barre positions (Thigh Strengthener, Standing Glute Strengthener, and Abdominal Curl) and give you all the tools you need to perfect your form and maximize your results.

    Props Needed: Barre, Chair or Counter for B...

  • Full Body Sweat Session

    Recorded live via Zoom for Exhale's Week of Virtual Wellbeing, join Exhale's Director of Fitness Innovation, Bergen Wheeler, for a full body sweat session consisting of five moves you can do to help you torch calories and keep your energy high.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Plants to Fuel Your Skin Health

    Join special guest, Ian Lirenman, from sustainable skin care brand EmerginC, as he explains what plants you can easily grow at home and how they can benefit your skin!

    EmerginC products are available for purchase online at

  • Household Items for Your Workout

    Join Exhale Fitness Business Director and Star Teacher, Nicole Uribarri, as she shows us how to make the most of your workouts using items available to you in your own home.

  • Wellbeing Tips

    Make Your Own Face Mask Plus Other Skincare Tips + Tricks
    Guided Acupressure (starts at 14:53)

    Join Exhale’s National Spa Director, Rachael Gallo, and National Healing Director, Dr. Robert MacDonald, for a double dose of wellbeing with tools you can use at home.

  • Good Eats...for the Whole Family

    Join Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN, founder of NY Nutrition Group, and mother to two 2-year old twin boys, as she shares nutritional tips, strategies, and a demo of some healthy, easy recipes that you and your kids can enjoy together!

  • Towel Tricks

    Exhale Fitness Innovator, Bergen Wheeler, takes us through a ladder style workout using one item only...a hand towel. Work your whole body, and see just how versatile a towel can be! Mat and sneakers optional. Kick-a** attitude required.

    Props Needed: Hand Towel
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • be.still Meditation with Thara Natalie

    Recharge in this 30-minute mindful reflection led by Thara Natalie from be.still. You’ll disconnect from the noise and experience a release that will inspire you to create mindful moments in every aspect of your life. Have your favorite pen, journal or paper on hand.

  • Pick Me Up Flow with Nicole Uribarri

    Join Exhale Teacher and Fitness Business Director, Nicole Uribarri, for a fun and flowing yoga practice that will boost your energy and leave you feeling powerful, strong, and ready to conquer the rest of your week. No hump day blues here.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Nicole Uribarri

  • Glow from Home with Rachael Gallo

    Exhale’s National Spa Director, Rachael Gallo, will help you take your at home skincare routine to a whole new level. She’ll also be answering our guests most frequently asked skincare questions!

    Materials needed for this session: green tea, hot water, brown sugar, coconut oil

  • Barre at Home with Brianna Norton

    This is what we’re famous for. Our barre class combines our signature approach of sustained holds and micromovements with decades of innovation and the latest movement science – straight from the experts. Leave no muscle untouched in this effective total body workout that will tone your muscles a...