Fred DeVito

Fred DeVito

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Fred DeVito
  • In-studio: Barre with Fred DeVito, 11.13.19

    This is what we’re famous for. Our barre class combines our signature approach of sustained holds and micromovements with decades of innovation and the latest movement science – straight from the experts. Leave no muscle untouched in this effective total body workout that will tone your muscles a...

  • In-studio: Arms and Abs Blast with Fred DeVito, 11.19.19

    This workout is packed with moves utilizing weights, a resistance band and your own body weight to tone your arms and strengthen your core.

    Props Needed: Weights, Resistance Band
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • In-studio: Barre Thighs Glutes plus Deep Stretch, 5.8.19

    This Barre workout will efficiently strengthen and tone your lower body with the balance of a relaxing deep stretch.

    Props Needed: Resistance Band, Yoga Block
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Meditation: Gratitude

    Finding gratitude in an ever changing life is more than appreciating what you have—it’s about delighting in the opportunity to share it with others.

    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Meditation: Conscious Breathing

    We take thousands of unconscious life sustaining breaths a day. When you make breathing conscious there is an opportunity for a positive shift to occur.

    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Abs and Release

    Beginning with a focus on abdominals and ending with a muscle releasing stretch, this workout provides the perfect balance between toning and releasing your core.

    Props Needed: Playground Ball
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • In-Studio Thighs Glutes and Abs with Fred DeVito 4.15.19

  • Restorative Stretch Session

    Join Exhale Co-Founder, Fred DeVito, for a Restorative Stretch Session where he’ll lead you through 30 minutes of deep stretches using mindful breathing and therapeutic postures.