Featured Barre Classes

  • Band Barre II with Bergen

    Grab a resistance band for a powerful full-body toning workout. From arm, to legs, to butt and abs—you’ll be amazed at all the ways you can get stronger with a band!

    Props Needed: Barre (or Chair/Counter) & Resistance Band
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Band Barre with Antonella James

    Grab a band and hit the barre! You’ll burn up the upper body, thighs, glutes and abs with the use of a resistance band in this toning barre class.

    Props Needed: Resistance band, barre (and or chair/counter/wall for balance)
    Teacher: Antonella James

  • Classic Barre with Micaela Butcher

    This is what we’re famous for. Our barre class combines our signature approach of sustained holds and micro-movements with decades of innovation and the latest movement science – straight from the experts. Leave no muscle untouched in this effective total body workout that will tone your muscles ...

  • Band Barre Burn with Bergen Wheeler

    Burn up the upper body, thighs, glutes and abs with the use of a resistance band – all in 35 minutes! This short-on-time workout focuses on isolating muscle groups to work muscles to the max!

    Props Needed: Band, and Barre (or chair, counter, etc.)
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Upper Body Blast with Sharon

    Sharon leads you through a classic upper body portion from our famed Barre class for ultimate arm, shoulder and back toning results.

    Props Needed: Light set of hand weights
    Teacher: Sharon Rose

  • Total Body Barre with Kat Steers

    This class is everything you love about barre, using a ball and band to get the job done in just 30 minutes! You’ll challenge your whole body with upper body, thigh, glute and ab sections.

    Props Needed: Light weights, barre (chair or counter), ball & and band.

    Teacher: Kat Steers

  • Glute Blaster with Antonella

    This Glute focused Barre class will lift and tone your lower body with light weights & band.

    Props Needed: Light weights, resistance loop & Barre (or table, chair, etc.)
    Teacher: Antonella James

  • Thigh Sculptor with Kat Steers

    Keep your thighs on the prize! This no frills barre workout will lengthen and sculpt your legs like a ballet dancer.

    Props Needed: Chair
    Teacher: Kat Steers