Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

6 Seasons

This step by step program will show you the ropes and keep you encouraged as you get started with us. Complete these videos each week on the days that work for you. View the weekly guides and track your progress as you follow this plan.

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Beginner's Guide
  • Beginner's Guide: Week 6 Plan

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  • Sweat Fusion

    Episode 1

    A rhythmically led class based on movement phases that will build strength and cardio ability. All the moves will be combined at the end for one long sweaty fitness challenge.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • HIIT Evolve

    Episode 2

    Are you ready to evolve? The quickest way to change your metabolism and up your fitness game is high intensity interval training. This workout will test your strength and endurance for amazing results.

    Props Needed: Hand Weights
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • In-studio: Barre with Bergen Wheeler, 3.25.19

    Episode 3

    This is what we’re famous for. Our barre class combines our signature approach of sustained holds and micromovements with decades of innovation and the latest movement science – straight from the experts. Leave no muscle untouched in this effective total body workout that will tone your muscles a...

  • Cardio Sweat

    Episode 4

    Push your limits with 30 minutes of kickboxing and strengthening mixed with brief moments of active recovery. Get ready for your day and up your sweat game.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Yoga Mat (optional)
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Cardio Endorphins

    Episode 5

    Do you want a positive and energizing outlook on life? Sounds like you need an “endorphix!” This heart-pumping, cardio workout will boost your mood and leave you feeling and looking great.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Julie Wiesman

  • Meditation: Rest and Recovery

    Episode 6

    Ease the stress of everyday life by taking a moment to return your body to its natural state in this meditation.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat (Optional)
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp