Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

6 Seasons

This step by step program will show you the ropes and keep you encouraged as you get started with us. Complete these videos each week on the days that work for you. View the weekly guides and track your progress as you follow this plan.

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Beginner's Guide
  • Beginner's Guide: Week 1 Plan

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  • Mastering the Basics of Barre

    Episode 1

    Never stepped up to the barre? This welcoming introduction breaks down the basics of barre to alleviate any anxiety you may have about getting started.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat, Light Weights, Barre (or Chair/Counter)
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Perfect Push Up

    Episode 2

    Ever wonder if you have the perfect push up? Take five minutes to learn what muscle groups work and how to build the strength you need for one of the best upper body exercises out there.

    Props Needed: Resistance Band, Yoga Mat
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Basic Barre

    Episode 3

    Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, especially if you are coming back from pregnancy, injury, surgery — or are just looking to get into shape!

    Props Needed: Chair, Playground Ball
    Teacher: Fred DeVito

  • Total Body Barre

    Episode 4

    A strength and conditioning class using dance inspired positions and moves done using a chair for balance. We’ll also be using weights to get a good upper body burn.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Yoga Block, Chair
    Teacher: Nicole Uribarri

  • Meditation for Mind + Body

    Episode 5

    Welcome to our meditation series. Introduce your mind to your body for a deeper meditation.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Fred DeVito