Barre in 25-35 Minutes

Barre in 25-35 Minutes

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Barre in 25-35 Minutes
  • Full Body Resistance

    Let’s get burning! This energy-filled, uplifting workout will hit all the major muscle groups, using the power of a resistance band.

    Props Needed: Resistance Band
    Teacher: Rachael Leitson

  • Total Body Barreless

    No barre (or props!) needed for this barreless workout — but that doesn’t make it any easier! Nicole will lead you through classic barre moves that you can do anywhere, anytime!

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Nicole Uribarri

  • Breaking Down the Barre with Fred DeVito

    Founder and Fitness Innovator, Fred DeVito, will break down the three most popular barre positions (Thigh Strengthener, Standing Glute Strengthener, and Abdominal Curl) and give you all the tools you need to perfect your form and maximize your results.

    Props Needed: Barre, Chair or Counter for B...