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Barre in 15-25 Minutes

Barre in 15-25 Minutes

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Barre in 15-25 Minutes
  • Band Barre Burn with Julie Ann

    Burn up the upper body, thighs, glutes and abs with the use of a resistance band! This short-on-time workout focuses on isolating muscle groups to work muscles to the max!

    Instructor: Julie Ann Earls
    Props Needed: Resistance band, barre (and or chair/counter/wall for balance)

  • Glute Blaster with Antonella

    This Glute focused Barre class will lift and tone your lower body with a ball & band.

    Props Needed: Ball, resistance loop & Barre (or table, chair, etc.)
    Teacher: Antonella James

  • Arms & Abs with Erin

    Erin leads you through a classic upper body portion from our famed Barre class for ultimate arm, shoulder and ab toning results.

    Props Needed: Chair or Counter, Light set of hand weights
    Teacher: Erin Gamble

  • Bodyweight Barre with Antonella

    It's just you and the barre, no other props needed! This full body workout uses your own bodyweight for resistance—giving you strong, long, and lean results!

    Props Needed: Barre (and or chair/counter/wall for balance)
    Instructor: Antonella James

  • Thigh Sculptor with Alyson

    With a focus on our thighs, this barre class combines our signature approach of sustained holds and micro-movements with decades of innovation and the latest movement science. Stand taller and leave stronger. This workout will lengthen and sculpt your legs like a ballet dancer. Keep your thighs o...

  • Thigh Sculptor with Kat

    Kat's back with another incredible Thigh Sculptor class! Keep your thighs on the prize in this barre workout that lengthens and sculpts your legs like a ballet dancer. Oh, and we also find out what a jackhammer is :)

    Props Needed: Chair
    Teacher: Kat Steers

  • Classic Barre with Araceli

    Araceli always found herself gravitating towards an active lifestyle, but she discovered her true passion for fitness when she became a Barre Instructor. Originally from Argentina, Araceli calls Miami home for more than 25 years where she absorbed the lifestyle, understanding the pulse, beauty an...

  • Barre(less) with Antonella

    No barre needed for this barre(less) workout — but that doesn’t make it any easier! Antonella will lead you through classic barre moves that you can do anywhere, anytime!

    One note: With about 3 minutes left in class Antonella's mic got a bit messed up from a core move. We apologize!

    Props Neede...

  • Band Barre II with Bergen

    Grab a resistance band for a powerful full-body toning workout. From arm, to legs, to butt and abs—you’ll be amazed at all the ways you can get stronger with a band!

    Props Needed: Barre (or Chair/Counter) & Resistance Band
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Band Barre Burn with Bergen

    Burn up the upper body, thighs, glutes and abs with the use of a resistance band – all in 35 minutes! This short-on-time workout focuses on isolating muscle groups to work muscles to the max!

    Props Needed: Band, and Barre (or chair, counter, etc.)
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Upper Body Barre (less) with Erin

    This is a full-body barre(less) workout with an extra focus on the upper body! Grab two sets of weights and get ready to feel the burn.

    Props Needed: Light weights, Heavy weights (optional)
    Teacher: Erin Gamble

  • Total Body Barre with Kat Steers

    This class is everything you love about barre, using a ball and band to get the job done in just 30 minutes! You’ll challenge your whole body with upper body, thigh, glute and ab sections.

    Props Needed: Light weights, barre (chair or counter), ball & and band.

    Teacher: Kat Steers

  • Long Lean Legs

    Do you want long, strong, lean legs like a dancer? This workout will walk you through the moves to achieve just that, without ever having to hit the stage.

    Props Needed: Barre (or Chair/Counter/Wall)
    Teacher: Julie Wiesman

  • Mastering the Basics of Barre

    Never stepped up to the barre? This welcoming introduction breaks down the basics of barre to alleviate any anxiety you may have about getting started.

    Props Needed: Yoga Mat, Light Weights, Barre (or Chair/Counter)
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Band Blast Abs and Arms II

    Grab a band and get ready to burn! You won’t believe how effective this non-stop toning workout is (or how sore you’ll be the next day).

    Props Needed: Resistance Band
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Core Blast

    Strengthening your core is about more than just your abs. This class focuses on both your abs and your lower back to fully engage your core muscles.

    Props Needed: Available Wall Space
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp

  • Rear Benefits

    Reap the rewards of a workout focused on your rear. You’ll lift, shape and tone your glutes with a series of exercises including resistance work, squats and more.

    Props Needed: Light Weights, Resistance Loop
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Booty Lift

    Grab a chair and get toned like a ballet dancer! This workout will leave your thighs shaking and your butt lifted.

    Props Needed: Chair
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp

  • Ab Shred with Kate Havlicek

    This non-stop 15-minute ab blast will use your full range of motion to tighten and tone your core from every angle.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Kate Havlicek

    If you enjoyed this class, sign up for LIVE classes with Kate at this link:
    *Live classes are $10 per class, or f...

  • Band Blast Abs and Arms

    Stretch your limits with resistance bands. The constant tension will help you feel the burn on both sides of the muscle contraction.

    Props Needed: Resistance Band, Barre (or Chair/Counter/Wall)
    Teacher: Kevin Murnane

  • Glute Burn

    Adding a little resistance brings glute work to a whole new level. Grab a band and let Nicole lead you through 20 minutes of non-stop shaping, lifting and toning.

    Props Needed: Resistance band
    Teacher: Nicole Uribarri

  • Resistance Loop for Upper Body and Glutes

    This small prop packs a powerful punch! You’ll recognize this little gray resistance loop from Exhale’s barre classes, but you may have never seen these upper body moves!

    Props Needed: Resistance Loop
    Teacher: Michelle Bailey

  • Upper Body Cut

    Grab a band to define your arm muscles through constant resistance. You’ll love how your arms look!

    Props Needed: Resistance Band
    Teacher: Bergen Wheeler

  • Arms and Abs

    Use your own body weight and a resistance band to strengthen and tone. The upper body and abdominals will work in harmony to tighten your core while strengthening your arms.

    Props Needed: Resistance Band
    Teacher: Elisabeth Halfpapp