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8-Week Reset

8-Week Reset

32 Seasons

Join us for an 8-week reset designed to help you make strides toward a positive, strong, wellbeing-centered life.

This plan encompasses all of our workout variety offerings to keep your body guessing and your mind engaged. Each week will feature three full Barre, Cardio, HIIT or Yoga workouts for maximum variety—and will conclude with a mini movement session paired with a meditation, breathing or deep stretch selection.

Change things up (and get some personal feedback) by swapping one of the plan workouts with a LIVE virtual class! Your first live virtual class is free! Book your class here:

The plan is formatted by day rather than date so you can choose which days and times of the week work best for your schedule. The goal is to complete all four workout/movement days within a week.

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8-Week Reset
  • Bodyweight Tabata Blast with Leah Hassett

    Episode 1

    Who’s ready for another bodyweight cardio blast? Cycle through quick tabata segments, designed to fire up your metabolism and get your heart rate up.

    Props Needed: None
    Teacher: Leah Hassett

    If you enjoyed this class, sign up for LIVE classes with Leah at this link:

  • Deep Stretch with Liz Wexler

    Episode 2

    Settle into relaxing stretches that open your body, lengthen your muscles, and calm your mind.

    Props Needed: Stretch belt (or towel), yoga blocks
    Teacher: Liz Wexler

    If you enjoyed this class, sign up for LIVE classes with Liz at this link:
    *Live classes are $10 per clas...