30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

30 Seasons

No breaks. 30 days straight. Are you up for the challenge? This plan ebbs and flows in terms of difficulty and variety to keep you moving for 30 days straight. That being said — listen to your body! If you need a day off, take it! You can pick right back up the next day. Make this plan work FOR you and WITH you. A big part of your wellbeing journey is learning to navigate the right time to push, and the right time to rest. Good luck!

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30 Day Challenge
  • Band Blast Abs and Arms

    Episode 1

    Stretch your limits with resistance bands. The constant tension will help you feel the burn on both sides of the muscle contraction.

    Props Needed: Resistance Band, Barre (or Chair/Counter/Wall)
    Teacher: Kevin Murnane